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CFN Truck Stop

CFN Truck Stop | Oasis Fuels  Inc - Long Beach, CA

Oasis Fuels Inc understands the need for reliable fuel services. As a Commercial Fuel Network truck stop, or CFN truck stop, we are part of one of the strongest diesel fuel networks in the country. A CFN truck fuel stop brings together petroleum marketing services with fleet managers to create the healthiest and most reliable system for fueling and payment processing services. When it comes to whole sale diesel fuel and fleet fueling, there is no better partner to have than one that belongs to the CFN truck fuel system. Organization is paramount in business, which is why we choose to be part of the Commercial Fuel Network. We believe that the more organization we can maintain, the more we can help our customers.

Oasis Fuels Inc is proud to offer the safest fleet fuel services to all of our clients by utilizing cardlocks. Cardlocks incorporated into the CFN truck stop system provide an extra layer of financial safety and fraud prevention, helping you maintain a firm financial footing in all of your endeavors.

Even if you are just starting a company, being involved with a team that is incorporated into one of the most organized fleet management systems will help your business thrive! We guarantee that we can help you make money no matter where you are in your business, with less chance of negative incidence. We take our fuel seriously, which is why we are proud to be a CFN truck stop.

In Long Beach, CA, Oasis Fuels Inc is the most honest and dependable fuel service available. Work with the team that eats, breathes, and sleeps customer service. Schedule time today to talk with us!